Barry County Humane Society
 Serving the animals and pet owners of Barry County since 1959
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Volunteer Form

Volunteer Opportunities

New exciting and enriching volunteer opportunities are open, please share your talent and help the animals and homeless pets of Barry County! 

Volunteer Form (pdf format)

Some Areas of Opportunities:

Administrative & Office:
* Daily office volunteer (pick your day)
* Donations Coordinator
* Education Coordinator
* Newsletter & Mailing Volunteers
* Pet Food Pantry Volunteers
* Programs Coordinator
* Public Relations & Marketing

Animal Shelter Volunteer:
* Adoption Coordinator
* Adoption Event Organizer

* Animal Transporter

* Dog Walker
* Pet Groomer
* Pet Temperament Evaluator
* Photographer
* Petfinder Manager
* Rescue Group Coordinator
* Shelter Host
* Volunteer Coordinator
Events Organizer:
* Event Photographer
* Fundraising Event Organizer
* Summer Venue Events Organizer

* Yard Sale Event Organizer

PO Box 386

Hastings, MI  49058


As a 6 week old kitten, "Lucy" was found

in the rain on the side of the busy highway.  
She was brought to a local rescue
and medically treated.
She now lives in a good home
with people who love her!


Volunteer Form

Please complete the the form below, information is confidential.

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What is your availability days/times?
Please share any special interests, hobbies, talents with us?
What area(s) are you most interested in volunteering?
Do you have any physical limitations you would like us to know about?
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