Barry County Humane Society
 Serving the animals and pet owners of Barry County since 1959
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Thank You

Thank You to all of our Supporters who have made 

Donations and Contributions!

Your Contributions and Support are what keep our Programs going in Barry County!

Group Donors
America Cares
Bellevue 53
Bull Creek Veterinary Service
Cherry Hill Estates II
Countryside Veterinary Clinic
Culligan Water Conditioning of Hastings
“DRH” Bowling League
Delton Area Founders
Dorothy’s Loving Kellogg Buddies
First Benefit Corp.
Flakey Flyers #58
The Employees of Flexfab
Flexfab Horizons International, Inc.
Green Street Veterinary Clinic
Hobby Club Ladies
Mid-Lakes Screen Printing
National Association of Letter Carriers
     Br #56
Radio Shack
Resurgent Capital Services
Rutland Charter Township
Thornapple Valley Community
     Credit Union
Tractor Supply
Two Seven Oh, Inc.
Viking Group, Inc.
Wednesday Seniors Happy Go
      Lucky League
Woodlawn Meadows


•Anne Baum •Robert Baum
•Dick Bjork •Sandy Bowne
•Hugh Boyce •Pat Corson
•Annetta Dingman •Clifford Dolan
•Dorothy Enders •Gene Flint
•Marion Furrow •T.J. Heath
•Jackie Heid •Jane Olive Hildreth
•Martha Ironside •Carl Johnson
•Dick Johnson •Rachel Mann
•Jim Nelson •Jack and Joan Nap
•Mary Ruth •Margaret Orms
•Ross Stanley Powell •Douglas Skinner
•JoAnn Terpening   •Janette VanRhee
•Patti Whitlock’s sister •Jim Wilson


•Cathy Davenport
•Tom DeWitt & Family •Patricia Doran
•Mary Fisher •The Frisbie Family
•Duane Hakala •Julie Jarvis
•The Jones Family •Mary Lawry
•Linda Robinson •Dr. Seidl and Staff
•Barb Stauffer & Family
•D. Joan Tangel •Sr. Marie Ursula
•Melinda VonReis


Pet Memorials
And Honorariums
•Allison •Barney •Bebop •Beesley •Bella
•Bobby  •Bonnie Katherine •Brandy •Bubba
•Buddy •Buffy •Chowder •Chumley •Cletis
•Dakota •Famous the Wonder Dog •Frankie
•Ghostie •Gribbles •Gus •Harry •Jackpot •Jerry
•Keebler •Little Tommy •Midnight Kitty Cat
•Mauli •Miz Sushi •Mr. Tanner •Patches
•Pearl •Primus •Queenie  •Quickie  •Romeo
•Rover •Sally •Sam •Sneakers •Tank
•Timmy •Ty •Violet Louise •Whitney


Private Donors

Alt, Pauline

Aman, William and Stacey

Anderson, Dorothy

Augustine, Mary and Family

Baker, Doug and Jane

Baum, David

Blair, Mac

Blake, Sharon Lewis and James

Boehmer, Randy and Mary Beth

Bowen, Susan


Brown, Anneliese

Burdick, Teresa

Burkett, Glen and Elberta

Butler, Vicki

Callton, Michael and Family

Caris, Mary

Carpenter, Linda

Carter, Nick and Kathy

Caswell, Calvin and Michelle

Christensen, Mark and Margaret

Coleman, Dave and Maggie

Cook, David and Alice

Corson, Mary

Cove, Robert

Crawford, Sharon and Theodore

Curtis, Norman and Ellen Marie

DeCamp, Douglas

Demarest, A. Lugene

Dingman, Randy and Christine

Dolan, Nancy


Doyle, John and Kay

Dunn, Ezra, Janan and Dona

Durby, Carol

Durkee, Julie

Edine, Dana

Englerth, Edward and Pamela

Esselman, Clara and Nicholas

Farkas, Rudy and Louise

Ferris, Judith

Fisher, Anna

Fisher, Dave and Bridget

Fisher, Mary

Flint, Dorothy

Frampton, Rob

Freeland, E. Jean

French, Elisabeth

Furrow, Chris and Annette

Garnaat, Carol

Garrison, Michael and Judith

Gary, Jim and Phyllis

Gauthier, Suzanne

Geukes, Ruth

Gignac, Henry and Sue

Goebel, Melvin and Alberta

Goodyear, Florence

Griffin, Haley

Guenther, Jeff and Julie

Hakala, Duane

Hammond, V. Jean

Hatley, Susan

Healey, Wm. J. and Margaret

Hill, Jill

Hoort, Doug and Peggy Noonan

Houghtaling, Bill and Sharon

Houtman, Robert and Marian

Hutchinson, Ruth

Hurley, Janis

Jacobs, Stephen and Sharon

Laura and Jon Johnson

Jones, Michael and Fran

Karpinski, William and Marlene

Kendrick, MaryAnn

Kensington, Judy and Larry

Kimmel, H. Jean

Knoll, Robert and Betty

Koning, Dan and  Dawn

Konschuh, Gay

Kornheiser, Ken

Kraft, Marilyn

Leto, Tanner and Roseanne

Mantle, John and Carol

Martin, Bill and Sally

Maynard, Michael and Cynthia

Maynard, Sherwood and Elizabeth

McClelland, Jane

McKenna, Onette

Meaney, Gloria

Meeker, Roberta

Metcalf, Karen

Meyers, Gary and Linda

Miller, Bill and Laurie

Morgan, Lisa

Morgan, Marvin and Judy

Morgan, Sharon and Dick

Munger Anderson, Nancy

Nebbeling, Lillian

Nielsen, Sally C.

Norfleet, Dennis and Doren

Norris, William and Nancy

O�Donnell, Beverly

Oland, Pam and Paul

Oliver, Kathleen and Jim

Parker, Linda and Dan

Pederson, Karen and Tim

Pelton, Dale and Sandra

Peterson, David and Joan

Proefrick, Rebecca

Ryan, David and Ruth

Rairigh, Gary and Sandra

Richardson, Pattie

Rider, Neal

Robinson, Linda

Rounds, Gary and Susan

Ryan, David and Ruth

Ryan, Mary

Sartini, Lenore

Scott, Barbra Ann

Schaefer, Judith and Randall

Schott, Jacqueline


Sensiba, Pat

Seymour, Beatrice

Seymour, Donna

Shurlow, Robert and Suann

Sleiwart. Bessie

Simpson, Jon and Kay

Smith, Letitia

Sorensen, Frank and Marjorie

Speas, Kathy and Fred

Spencer, Bruce and Shellie

Sterenburg, Frank

Stevens, Maxine

Strickland, Wendall and Wilma

Sutton, Bill and Mary

Szezepanek, Arthur and Geraldine

Tobias, Ron and Carol

Trout, Diana

Van Rhee, Gene and Shirley

VonReis, Melinda

Waak, Richard and Barbara

Wallace, Shirley

Wallace, William and Melissa

Walters, Marlin

Weadock, John and Maribeth

Wiessner, Carol

Wiggins, Don and Kathy

Williams, Bob and Diana

Wilson, Pat

Wood, Cathie

This tribute page is gratefully dedicated to the generous donors who make our mission possible.