Barry County Humane Society
 Serving the animals and pet owners of Barry County since 1959
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BCHS Programs & Services:
  • February Spay Day - Pet owners across Barry County may contact our office for a discount certificate, good for $20 off the total cost of having their dog or cat spayed or neutered. 
  • Humane Education Program for 2nd Graders - Designed to help 2nd graders across Barry County learn how to care for their pets, prevent dog bites, and have respect for all living creatures.
  • $25 Good Samaritan Certificates - Issued to individuals who find a sick or injured stray animal and take it to veterinarian for medical care.
  • Pet Food Pantry - To help pet owners who are temporarily having financial difficultly feeding their pet(s).
  • Pet-Meals-on-Meals - For those senior citizens who receive their own meals through COA’s meals-on-wheels, have a pet, and can use some help each month with pet food.
  • Litter Program - Covers spaying female cat or dog whose litter has been taken to Animal Control and the owner keeps the mother animal.  
  • Pets for Seniors - Covers spay/neuter and initial wellness costs for animals adopted from Barry County Animal Control Shelter by qualifying low-income seniors. 
  • Live trap rental - For humane removal of animals.
  • Licensed wildlife rehabilitator - Cares for sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.
  • Free straw - Made available each December for dogs and cats who are housed outside during winter.
  • $500 reward - For information leading to conviction in animal abuse cases.
  • Informational source for animal related questions.

Please Call Us for Programs & Services
(269) 945-0602

        HURRAY FOR SPAY DAY,            ALL YEAR LONG!!!!!!!!

Thanks to many generous donors over the past years, THE BARRY COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY is pleased to announce that there will no longer be one SPAY DAY in February. Instead, we will  offer $20 off  the spaying and neutering of your cats and dogs ALL YEAR LONG if you need the financial assistance.

This is offered to Barry County residents only. All you have to do is call and make an appointment with any BARRY COUNTY veterinarian or C-SNIP in Grand Rapids, then call us or come in to the office with required information: your name, address, & phone number, the species (cat or dog), sex and name of animal, the name of the veterinarian and date of appointment. We will then call your vet and they will take $20 per pet off your bill. Simple as that.  This offer is good for multiple pets,  too, and will cover stray dogs and cats along with feral cats.

Please take advantage of this tremendous offer and HAVE YOUR PET(S) FIXED. Our office hours are Monday and Thursday, 10 AM to 1PM and we are located in the Barry Community Enrichment Center, Lower Level, down the hall from United Way,  231 S. Broadway (corner of Broadway and Center St) in downtown Hastings.  Our office phone is (269) 945-0602.

You CAN help make a difference in lowering the number of unwanted animals coming in to the Barry County Animal Shelter and the shameful pet overpopulation here in the United States by having your pet (s) spayed or neutered TODAY. Thank you.


Good Samaritan Certificates

The driver was vaguely aware of something moving on the side of the road.  She decided to turn around and see if what she saw was alive.Yes, it was a small black and white kitten, barely moving, but still alive.  This tiny life was now in her hands and all she could think of getting the kitten to a veterinarian for help. 

When she rushed into the vet’s office, with the kitten wrapped in a small towel she had found in her car, the vet wasn’t very optimistic about the kitten’s chances of survival.  The left eye was protruding and the kitten’s intestines had partially pushed out.  Either this poor kitten had been hit by a car or someone had tossed it out on to the road.

The lady left the kitten for treatment, not sure what to expect when she returned in a few days, also not sure what the cost of the treatment would be.

Three days later she came back to the clinic, afraid that the kitten had not made it. However, that was not the case – the kitten had made a miraculous recovery!   

When the bill was presented, the caring lady who had taken the time to help this injured animal, was informed that $25.00 of the bill would be paid by the Barry County Humane Society, with a Good Samaritan Certificate.

These $25.00 certificates are given to veterinarians throughout Barry County, to be used at the vet’s discretion when someone finds a sick or injured stray animal and brings it to their clinic for treatment.  

Through the years, many animals have been assisted and many “Good Samaritans” have not had to absorb the total cost of an unexpected expense. 

This is just another way your donation can help the animals of Barry County.

(P.S. The kitten was adopted into a loving home!)